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File Trasfer Protocol (FTP) Access

There are 2 ways you can directly upload files to our server.
Anonymous access

Using this link will allow you to upload files safely and securly to our FTP server, once your upload is done please call or email. One draw back of this type of access is you can not see the files others or you have uploaded to the server. This is done on purpous as to protect even the file names identification of anyone else that has uploaded file. If you have a lot of files and have to keep track of which revision is currently uploaded you can request:

User/Password access

You can request a user and password be assigned to you which will give you FTP access and full read/write access to the files you have uploaded. Please contact our knowlegeble staff to have one assigned.

For Internet Explorer 7 users you might need to do this to enable proper FTP access:

In Internet Explorer 7, click on "tools", "internet options", "advanced". Make sure that "enable ftp folder view" is checked. Re-start Internet Explorer before trying to access FTP.

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